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People  Local, regional, national artists AND OTHERS!!!! Human interest stories, charitable organizations, MC News offers a variety of stories.

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Midwest Country News . . . . first issue rolled off the presses in June, 1986. This June MC News will be celebrating its 32nd Anniversary!!!! It's all about PEOPLE, PLACES, EVENTS . . . . .LOCAL, REGIONAL, NATIONAL.Advertising rates are affordable and there's a special that makes the rates 
even more affordable!!!!! Papers are distributed FREE in high traffic areas in Northern Missouri. 
Central and Southern Iowa, a small portion in Nebraska . . . . subscriptions are available for the cost of postage and handling, however, so MC News is read in a variety of states!!!! Only 20 dollars per year gets it to your door monthly!!!! The papers are monthly except for December & January is combined, thus 11 issues are printed each year..


Read about the local and regional performers in MC News AND Nashville 
artists . . . . . . read human interest stories . . . . a VARIETY is 
offered monthly. Such as the columns available monthly: Bluegrass News, 
Trivia, Branson News, household hints, recipes, and MORE!!! 

Happy 32th Anniversary Midwest Country News

It all started with an idea, of course, then became reality the first of  June, 1986, when the very first issue of the Midwest Country News rolled off  the press!!! The 3 main stories? Stories on two Iowa musicians, Robbie  Wittkowski and Pete McVey, and Missouri musician Johnny Ayers. The July through December issues contained stories on regional  musicians AND Nashville artists, artists that publisher/editor Barbara Hays  Ackley met and interviewed in person - - - such as Bobby G. Rice, Johnny Paycheck, Keith Whitley and the Kojac of Country Music, John Riggs. From the very first issue, “MC News” was all about People, Places and Events - - Local, Regional and National! And it was made quite clear that  the newspaper would not be all about country music alone but would also  feature stories of interest on those “People, Places and Events.” Such as  the August 1986 issue’s main story was on Iowan Rob Bartholomew - - Hot Air  Balloonist!! And the February 1987 issue featured a main story on  “Identical Twins, Identical Cars,” and also a story about an Iowa couple who  collected old cars. Other stories in that same issue, of course, were music  related: Buddy Holly, Big Al Downing and Hank Thompson.
Stories that first year, and into the next, other than being  specifically on individuals or groups in the music business, included those on music businesses - - such as DeVere’s Guitar Center located in Indianola,  Iowa; the special telethon held by The Variety Club of Iowa; radio stations; the Professional Musicians and Entertainers Club of Iowa; Boys  and Girls Club of Iowa; Fan Fair; Brush Creek Station (in Des Moines, a  place where jams were held weekly); and such stories continued through the  years (such as the January 1988 issue titled “Ron Feauto: The Old Home Bread Commercial Man.”) On to stories on a mother and son being reunited (she  had given him up at birth for adoption) - - A Trip To Camp Sunnyside - - Where Is Home For The Homeless - - Iowa Special Olympics - - UFO’s - - Lucky Dog - - No Strikes At Trainland USA - - Pony Express Riders of Iowa  - - A Cartoonist’s Life - - Angels Amongst Us - - and the list goes on,  from fairs, fests, theatres and shows, on to contests etc. etc. . . . . . all to be found in past issues of MC News (and to be found in present and  future issues as well)

AVIS  AWARDS Through the 1990s, MC News held the Avis Awards; awards were presented to local and regional entertainers, all voted on by the readers: Hall of  Fame, Female Vocalist, Male Vocalist, Jr. Vocalist, Female instrumentalist,  Male Instrumentalist, Group or Band, Comedian, Radio Personality, Entertainer of the Year, etc. etc. The special awards was named after Robbie Wittkowski’s mother, Avis, since Robbie had suggested that Barbara  start the paper - - Avis attended the first awards show, in fact, but had  passed away before the second show was presented. 

COLUMNISTS There have been several columnists over the past 32 years, a variety of  columns - - such as Picture From The Past by Pat Courtney; Country  Scrapbook by Vivian Bogardus; The Pet Beautician by Nancy Dove; A Place  in The Sun by Elaine Shanks; On The Road Again by Marv Hawkins; Home-grown by Sandy McClain; The Generic Gourmet by Betty Jones; Record Review by Sue  Gentry; From The Desk of Robbie Wittkowski - - - - - and others!! As for  today’s columnists, some have been with MC News for several years!! 

READERSHIP Papers are available free in many places in various towns in Iowa and  Missouri, and MC News is available by subscription for the cost of postage  and handling. Subscribers make up a small portion of readership and reside  in a variety of states.
Midwest Country News - - a one-of-a-kind “old fashioned” black and white 
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