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Midwest Country News (MCN)
Since 1986

Midwest Country News
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 Midwest Country News was started in 1986 by                      
Barbara Hays-Ackley

  • MCN celebrated its 25th Anniversary in June 2011.
  • MCN is printed monthly, except December and January. These two months are a combined issue.
  •  MCN is available free in many locations throughout central and southern Iowa, northern Missouri, eastern Kansas, and eastern Nebraska.
  • MCN is also available by subscription for $20. per year, mailed First Class Mail.
  • MCN reports on People, Places and Events, and features stories, articles, and advertising at the local, regional and national level. 

  • MCN is available in hundreds of locations in Iowa and Missouri, and by subscription! $20 per year will deliver MCN to you First Class Mail. Don't Miss An Issue of music news.

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    PO Box 36284, Des Moines, IA 50315
    Phone: 660-382-4926

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